Google Changes Its Algorithm – To Protect Spam Activities Online!

Google changes its algorithm and now this is affecting several online businesses! Some of them have moved up and some of them moved down due to such changes implemented by the leading search engine like Google. Well, Google has taken this vital step in order to prevent the spam activity that has been performed by analysts who use to manipulate the current search indexing tricks as per their requirements. The spam clock has already been announced to deprecate a major amount of trash that has been generated and some people are also burning things to show their anger. However, Google is not keen to do such things. It has not even burn things to show its rage. But it has taken some essential steps to prevent these unsolicited activities online. They have acknowledged the issue in a better approach and come up with their unique solutions.

Google has changed its algorithm with the announcement of two major elements. They are:

  • Google chrome extension, which will acquire user’s feedback through which sites are being spammed
  • Update will be supplied to the search algorithm that has been designed to relegate the content with poor quality

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that changes from Google has affected the construction of the pages often announced by search engines. However, the figure will surely vary somehow for those who are missing out and who are getting closer to the number one position in the search engine result pages. One of the most important evaluations happened with the Sistrix when the visibility index has calculated the real value of the search terms that are based on the traffic flow and the click through ratio for the specific positions on the search engine result pages. Well, the losers are already listed and some of the top brands online have been added for the list which is really shocking. The main aim is making your site search engine friendly. It is done by certain methods used by the professionals in the SEO of your site. Research has also shown that around 65 percent of websites are actually visited through the searches from this. Your web site requires the high search engine position to get located by the users. The combination of methods is used by  SEO Sydney in getting your site optimized for the high rank in them.


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